Wednesday, November 3, 2010

third time.

1) architecture.
2) molecular and cellular biology.
3) linguistics and computer science.

All are majors that I have tried / are going to try.  But the third is the one.  It better be the one, 'cause I don't really have the time or resources to change again.  I started saying to myself quite a bit throughout this semester that I should go into languages.  I've always loved learning new languages, and the topic of linguistics has always fascinated me, but I never considered it as a career option.  It's just now that I realized the only class I've ever actually looked forward to was my Korean class.  It's the only one I've never skipped, never dreaded, the only one where I'm not constantly looking at the clock.
I wish I had come to this realization earlier, as I am now stuck in the middle of classes that have absolutely nothing to do with me anymore.  Which equals zero motivation to study for those classes.  The only problem is I want to keep my GPA, so after I write this... guess what?  I'm gonna go study.  The rest of this semester should prove interesting...

On the bright side, I have so much less on my shoulders, like those constant worries and what-if's about med school that never really leave you.  Gone.  I'm actually pretty damn excited about this change.  It won't be by any means easier, and I'm very well aware that there are other worries that come to replace the med school concerns, 'cause I hear linguistics and computer science is of the bitch family also, but it'll be so worth it.  Why?  'Cause I love it.

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  1. teeheeee
    Korean is my favorite class, too :]
    and the only one I actually WANT to study for.