Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Ahh... there's no better feeling on a Wednesday afternoon then acing your chemistry exam. YES. It's on and poppin', the parties rockin', the cuties shockin', and there ain't no stoppin'... haha. LMFAO's YES. It's THE feel-good song, and this dance (choreography by Don Mach, 2XS UIUC) is just so fun. =D Enjoy.


Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Choreo Cookies at Body Rock 2009

So, this is Choreo Cookies. I came across these guys just by chance, and guess what? They're so SICK! They've got some awesome choreo, crazy formation changes, and the dancing is so clean. I'm a fan.

두 눈을 감고, 두 귀를 막고...

아웃사이더 - 외톨이
Outsider - Loner

This blog, which is actually purely for my own entertainment (but if you guys enjoy it too, great), is just a place for me to record my thoughts on anything and everything.  
In this case, it's a song that I absolutely love. I can definitely relate to some days, and it serves as a little reminder that we're never really alone in anything we do. No matter what we experience, you can be guaranteed that there's someone, somewhere in the world, that is going through the same thing.

Not to mention that Outsider is an awesome rapper: really freakin' fast, clear, and good delivery. And the song's got nice symphonic instrumentals. It's not by any means the first time symphony and rap were meshed, but the strings are a nice change of pace from the run-of-the-mill stuff you hear every day, and they suit the song well, too.