Wednesday, August 11, 2010

MY yogurt is good 'til...

King of New York Hacks: HOPE, and The King of New York Hacks invents a car...: "I have developed a car that will run on water. Unfortunately you'll have to go to the Gulf of Mexico to fill it up. Ba dum dum ching ! ;-) ..."

I came across this blog today on the Blogs of Note and... it's Nice.
The post linked above, I especially liked.  Granted, it's only the second out of two posts I read, but I'm sure you'll enjoy it, too.
Hope.  Yea, I enjoy hope.
*Just picture Agnes (Despicable Me) as the child whose yogurt is more credible than the Mayan calendar, and be prepared for the cutest experience of your day.

"Does this count as annoying?"
Speaking of which, Despicable Me?  saw it today.  SUCH a cute movie!  Agnes is THE cutest thing, and Gru? what a softy.  =]
It was a fun, yet predictable movie.  Although... the second(?) scene where Gru gives the little boy a balloon animal just to pop it in his face was admittedly traumatizing.

And while we're on the topic of movies, I watched Repo Men yesterday.  Apparently there is no relation to the movie Repo! The Genetic Opera.  And I thought it was just a remake.  But no.  It's apparently a movie adaptation of the novel Repossession Mambo published in 2009, whereas Repo! was released in 2008.  Still.. very suspicious.
Anyway, the movie was alright.  And by alright, I mean... Eh.  I wouldn't go around recommending it to people...  It's quite gruesome, as you can imagine, some humor thrown around here and there, mediocre plot, with a twist at the end that, although it might have taken you by surprise, was predictable.  But, I must admit, it was an interesting concept (not necessarily original) of being able to buy organs as you would a car or a house.  On credit.  Money you do NOT have.  ALMOST sounds stupid.  And for an organ that costs more than your average house and car combined.  No thanks.  I choose exercise and a healthy diet.  Eat that, Bitches!

But, yea, back to the reason I even decided to post this.  That blog up there ^^ (at least that post if nothing else).  It's worth a look.  Check it out.  =D

Friday, August 6, 2010

hurricane venus.

BoA is back with her 6th Korean album after five years abroad in Japan and the US.  Yah!  =D
Hurricane Venus.

Hurricane Venus. (title track) - heavy beat.  catchy.  god i love the thick Synthetic quality of the sound.

Dangerous. - same as before, more or less.  solid beat.  catchy.  Like.

한별 (Implode) - my FAVorite ballad on the album!  if not my favorite song on the album overall.  <3.  it's Simple, Organic.  you FEEL this one.  Love Kim Jong Wan (from the band Nell, who is also the composer) at the end of the song.  <3.

i used to be a little iffy about BoA's voice, but I must say, it's growing on me.  (and might I add that her English is so so much better after her US debut?  thank goodness.)

that's it.  i'm a Fan.  =D