Friday, March 11, 2011

one of the reasons i love college.

Because I don't have to see the 'rents every day.  Leave it up to them to somehow put you in a shitty mood anyway.

Monday, February 14, 2011

write "FAILURE," read "EXPERIENCE."

we can totally do this.

쓸때는 실패라고 쓰지만
훗날 읽을때는 경험이라고 읽는다.

Thursday, February 10, 2011


I am O so dangerously close to getting breakfast before I go to bed right now.  But that would be stupid.  Cuz that would increase the chance of me going back to my old sleeping schedule from last semester by a good 'ol tenfold.  ...
Good night.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


드디어, 내가 인생에서 원하는 것을 찾은것같다...  그런대 그것을 어떻게 나의 현실로 만들수있을까?  어떻게하면 바람이 될수있을까?

Monday, January 3, 2011

you give me a feeling that I...

So here I am, back after a little blogging dry spell with that fresh feeling that the new year always brings (a feeling that is too often short-lived - by many.  I sincerely wish everyone the best of luck in keeping your New Year's resolutions last past February.  All not to be pessimistic, but real.  How about renewing those resolutions every week and not every year?  I'm saying this to myself, as well, so please don't be offended at my seeming lack of faith).  Anyway, happy New Year!  새해복 많이 받으세요!

The countdown this year for me was actually kind of bland.  I saw it happen in New York an hour before it would even be relevant to me.  So ten minutes before midnight (my time), 2011 was old news.  Somehow the fact that the new year actually (technically) happens 24 times all over the world makes it a little less special.  And the next time I saw the clock, at 12:30am, i felt no different than I did approximately 40 minutes before.  I say 'approximately' because during that 40 minutes I wasn't thinking of the new year at all, and my sense of time was nonexistent - I wasn't thinking the "10, 9, 8…, 2, 1" that everyone else in my time zone was thinking. 

I wanna say the new year really happened for me on the 17th of December.  My last final exam of the semester.  That was the real release I had been waiting for ever since I decided I wasn't going to major in biology anymore.  Those final two months (?) or so of my fall semester were really just a drag because I was stuck studying something that no longer meant anything to me.  The only thing that kept me going was my GPA.  I suppose that's the real clue that I shouldn't be majoring in biology.  The only reason I sat through biology and chemistry classes - mind, nowhere does this say that I was awake in said class - was because it was relevant to my then-future-career.  Not because I was interested.  Because it was relevant.  So my new year came a little early.  My countdown was not me, champagne-in-hand watching a shiny ball drop, it was me looking over my chemistry exam for the third time, relieved - although slightly in disbelief - that it was all over.  Glad that I could be excited with no extraneous thoughts or strings attached.

So the new year's bringing good things.  Mainly two.  I'm finally going to get to dive into linguistics and computer science (my new major and minor), and I'm getting another shot at Dance 2xs UIUC (this is the year - I'm going hard ;] ).

and That is all.  For now.

Alicia Keys - Unthinkable, choreography by Shaun Evaristo

and this is just a special treat, cuz Nika's awesome, in every sense of the word.

Willow - Whip My Hair, choreography by Nika Kljun

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

morning or night?

Lately my sleep schedule's  So much so that I really don't know if I qualify as night person or a morning person.  It's all one in the same now.   My nights blend into mornings and I feel no desperate need to crawl into bed unless I'm to the point where I'm so tired, I'm angry.  I wonder if this is some sort of psychological disorder.  Perhaps.

At the moment I am about to get breakfast, and the plan is to eat, possibly listen to another MCB lecture, hopefully listen to another MCB lecture (because I have a seemingly inherent disability in terms of being productive during normal hours), look over PSYC notes, go to class, take my quiz, try not to get angry, and depending on my state of mind after PSYC (most likely: Horrendous) I will try to make it to my last and most glorious MCB lecture of the semester.  Last, but my first in a very, very long time.  Hence: glorious (and, I predict: Infuriating, capital "I").  Maybe I'll even make it to the optional CHEM class where we'll spend however many of the fifty minutes making things that will go "boom."

However, all this is very hopeful, if not foolish.  I'd say mostly foolish, because I'm quite awake and aware at the moment, but who's to say it's going to last?  At all?  But it's the thought that counts, no?  And let's face it.  That last one, CHEM class? probably not gonna live to see it happen.

...maybe I'll slip a shower in here somewhere.  ;]

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

i just...

want to dance.
i want to fly.
i want to run.
i want to be able to dream,
to fantasize,
without being told i'm not capable, or that it won't be allowed.
i want to be free.
and do whatever the fuck i wish.
wherever the fuck i choose.

Monday, December 6, 2010

the best twenty dollars.

Post-Urbanite clinics Fall 2010

Telephone - Lady Gaga & Beyonce, choreography by Camillo Lauricella and Nika Kljun

It is needless to say (but I'll say it anyway), this piece makes me so happy.  Partly because it's an amazing, fun dance, and partly because now it reminds me of the day I took class from Nika Kljun, Patrick Chen, and Maxi Fesenmayer.  I sincerely hope I'll get the chance to take class from them again, especially Nika.  She's so fun!  That was the best class experience I've had so far.  Of course because the teachers were so great, but also because it was the first class I've taken where I've felt marked improvement in my dancing (not to mention I could actually see despite having a spot near the back).  I know for an absolute fact that at the beginning of this school year, I would not have been able to pick up this dance in that one class.  By no means can I do it perfectly (yet), but I can do it beginning to end (and I'd like to say fairly well) without getting lost or forgetting the moves.  Which, I used to do frequently in previous classes from other teachers.
The atmosphere in class was amazing, as well.  Everyone there was there - from Mexico, Chicago, Slovenia, Germany, etc - because they loved dance, and it was just fun, and chill.
Can't wait for another class.  Can't wait for another class from Nika!  This might be unlikely, but I really hope she comes back next year.

I Love You - Chris Brown, choreography by Patrick Chen and Maxi Fesenmayer

Friday, November 26, 2010


Jazmine Sullivan - Need You Bad, choreography by Shaun Evaristo


Usher - More, choreography by Keone Madrid