Wednesday, December 8, 2010

morning or night?

Lately my sleep schedule's  So much so that I really don't know if I qualify as night person or a morning person.  It's all one in the same now.   My nights blend into mornings and I feel no desperate need to crawl into bed unless I'm to the point where I'm so tired, I'm angry.  I wonder if this is some sort of psychological disorder.  Perhaps.

At the moment I am about to get breakfast, and the plan is to eat, possibly listen to another MCB lecture, hopefully listen to another MCB lecture (because I have a seemingly inherent disability in terms of being productive during normal hours), look over PSYC notes, go to class, take my quiz, try not to get angry, and depending on my state of mind after PSYC (most likely: Horrendous) I will try to make it to my last and most glorious MCB lecture of the semester.  Last, but my first in a very, very long time.  Hence: glorious (and, I predict: Infuriating, capital "I").  Maybe I'll even make it to the optional CHEM class where we'll spend however many of the fifty minutes making things that will go "boom."

However, all this is very hopeful, if not foolish.  I'd say mostly foolish, because I'm quite awake and aware at the moment, but who's to say it's going to last?  At all?  But it's the thought that counts, no?  And let's face it.  That last one, CHEM class? probably not gonna live to see it happen.

...maybe I'll slip a shower in here somewhere.  ;]

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