Sunday, November 21, 2010


Back home for break.
I must say, its nice to see the 'rents again.  I got to have a long talk with my mom on the way back, which was nice (and also necessary, 'cause if we weren't talking I would have totally fallen asleep at the wheel).

Coming home's kind of a weird feeling now.  It's like my real home's at school, and I'm just here for the holiday.  Which, I am, just here for the holiday, but you know what I mean..  school is the norm now, and home is that foreign place that I need to get "used to."

But in any case, it's nice.  To have time.  To do stuff.  Like dance.  I almost forgot how nice it was to just take time to dance.  Which actually reminds me.. I need to find somewhere where I can record my dance for One in a Million.  I don't think my room is quite big enough to do that.  Maybe I can find a dance studio  I can use when there's nobody there?  We'll see.
But yea, dance.  I've been itching to dance for weeks now, and I finally can!  With nothing hanging over my head - immediately anyway.  So to start off this oh-so-glorious break filled with dance and food, I learned PDA, choreography by Shaun Evaristo.  Appropriately chill and fun for my first day back.

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